The linux server  lin1.plreseller.com is down from 06:30am IST.  We are investigating the issue.

update :1
The Hard disk is going of fsck command for checking the errors..

update : 2
The HDD is getting error after repair and restart.  The Datacenter technician is checking on the issue..

update : 3 at 12:00pm IST
The HDD is getting error after repairing.  The server works for nearly 10-15 mins and then HDD getting error again and the server getting down.  Some times we need to change the HDD, and in that case it will take nearly 5-6 hours to reinstall OS and migrate the data.

update : 4 at 10:00pm IST
The HDD repair failed.  Data backuped. and safe.  New HDD put and the installation is going on.  Once the server installation is finished and the security configurations completed, we will restore data one by one account. 

update : 5 at 12:00am IST
Cpanel installation is going on. cloudlinux, cloudflare and other softares to installed.  After that we will start data migration from backup

update : 6 at 7:00am IST
Server installation completed.  Data migration in progress.. completed upto domains starting with 'a'

update : 7 at 4:00pm IST
Data Migration in Progress. Completed upto usernames starting with 'g'

update : 8 at 8:00am IST
Data Migration in Progress. migrating data usernames starting from 'r'

Support Team

Monday, November 25, 2013

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