Hi all,

Due to some firewall issue in the Data Center, 2 of our server connections are getting blocked intermittedly.  (lin1.plreseller.com & win1.plreseller.com).  All the other servers are having no issues so far.  The Data Center technicians are looking on this issue.

Sorry for the trouble caused to you.

Support Team


till now the data center technitians are not able to resolve the issue.  These 2 servers are up and working, but the external connectivity firewall is blocking the connections to these 2 servers.

We have not got the time for the resolution from the data center staff.  Once we got the exact time, we will update it here.


Update #2 -- 04/08/2014 - 6:55 AM

Hi all

Sorry for the trouble.

The data center technician has informed that there is some serious problem with 2 hardware firewall configuration, which is not allowing external connectivity.  They have given an estimated completion time of nearly 8 hours more.

We checked these 2 servers from our internal network and found these servers are up and all the data are safe.  This server uptime now has come to 99.4% for lin1 and 99.65% for win1 server for the last 5 years time.  All other shared servers, lin2, lin3, win2, win3, corporate are working perfectly.

We further more decided to give full amount refunds for those wishing to migrate the hosting to another provider due to this datacenter issue.


Final Update #3 -- 04/08/2014 - 12:45 PM

The data center engineer has solved the issues. Both the servers  lin1.plreseller.com  and  win1.plreseller.com is working fine now.  (The total downtime was 27 hours, 47 minutes and 22 seconds).

We further inform that if any body wants to migrate the server to another hosting provider, we can give full amount refunds.



Sunday, August 3, 2014

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