Recently, attackers have repeatedly attempted to infiltrate open source programs like Joomla. If attackers successfully compromise a website's security, they can cause considerable damage. Cracked systems are often maliciously manipulated and used to transmit phishing and spam mails. In addition, malware (malicious software) is often planted in website code; this is then used to infect website visitors. There have also been reported cases where a cracked Joomla installation has been corrupted and used for attacks on third-party servers.

TVMSERVER will immediately block accounts that are reported to be infected in order to minimize damage to customers, website visitors, and uninvolved third parties. In order to prevent your account from being blocked for this reason, we ask Joomla users to take action now; please install the most current version of Joomla. Affected customers have already been informed via email about this security update.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

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