Dear Customers/Resellers,

The Datacenter in US is having some emergency maintenance as some of our servers got blocked in firewall and unable to ping from outside. 10 servers out of our 35 servers in US datacenter was having issues. 

The problem started at 9:53am IST.  Following are the server names and the rectification status.

1. -- rectified by 12:19pm IST

2. -rectified by 12:25am IST

3. -- rectified by 10:00am IST

4. -- rectified by 12:23pm IST

5. -- rectified by 12:10pm IST

6. -- rectified by 12:10pm IST

7. -- rectified by 12:15pm IST

8. --  rectified by 11:10am IST

9. -- rectified rectified by 11:30 am IST

10. -- rectified by 12:10pm IST


All the other servers are working fine. If you face problems in any of the other servers, please inform us.


Sorry for the troubles caused to you.



Update @ 12:40 PM IST

The Data Center has been replaced the Firewall Device and configured the routing as required.  All the servers start working.  The exact time of resolution has been mentioned above.  If any of you have any issues, please create support ticket from your client area login.

Sorry for the troubles and the supports given by you in this regards,


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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