CryptoPHP - Joomla, WordPress and Drupal themes and plug-ins

CryptoPHP is a threat that uses backdoored Joomla, WordPress andn Drupal themes and plug-ins to compromise webservers on a large scale. More information about this threat can be found on the referenced link below. Fox-IT: CryptoPHP - Analysis of a hidden threat inside popular content management systems Attackers Using Compromised Web Plug-Ins ... Read More »

23rd Feb 2015 -- Server Emergency Restart


We are forced to issue a server restart due to high swap usage.  The fsck process is going on by restart.  The server will get up after this process is finished.


Support Team

15th Feb 2015 -- Intermittent issue in apache server.

Hi, We are facing intermittent issue in the apache service of server Our technical support team is checking the issue and doing a rebuild of apache. regards Administrator

11th Feb 2015
critical security flaw on Linux operation systems

Dear Customer / Reseller, last evening (27.01.2015) a critical security issue was identified under CVE-2015-0235 in the Linux system library .The vulnerability is rated "critical" in many Linux distributions, however it only affects a limited number of programs. These include the exim mailserver and procmail mailserver. All common ... Read More »

29th Jan 2015 - Emergency Restart


Plesk Support Team instructed to restart the server for some updations and patchings.  Please wait till the updations are finished and the server got restarted.


Support Team

5th Jan 2015 -- Server Emergency Restart

Hi,Due to the Webmail issue before 1 hour, we are forced to restart the Server.  The  HDD fsck process is going on.  Once the Hard Disk check is complete, the server will be back again.Support Team=======================Hi,The server is UP now.  All the Hard Disk FSCK completed on reboot.The server was down for 3 ... Read More »

26th Dec 2014 - Emergency Restart


We are doing an emergency restart due to plesk panel working very slow.  The server will be up after the restart is completed.

Support Team

6th Nov 2014 - Restart

Hi all,

There will be a server restart on due to Microsoft Securoty updates and latest patches installation.



14th Oct 2014 - Automated Plesk Upgrade to v12.0.8

Hi,Today the Plesk panel of windows server 1 got upgraded to V12.0.8.  The upgrade process ig going on, so there may be error in login to plesk panel during this time.Once this is completed, we will update it here.Support TeamTVMSERVER HOSTING SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD.---------------------Hi,The Plesk Panel upgradation to V.12.0.8 has been ... Read More »

22nd Aug 2014
Scheduled Maintenance - Windows Server 3

Hi,Due to bugs and issues in Plesk 12, we are migrating the Plesk panel to stable version of Plesk 11.5, This will be doing tomorrow.  To avoid the website downtime, tonight we are migrating all the websites in this Server to another windows server. and will be migrating back on sunday night time when the server is back with plesk 11.5. ... Read More »

16th Aug 2014