Server has been Restored.

Dear Reseller/Customer,

The Server has been successfully moved to a new high speed network location in St.Louis Data Center, USA. The Downtime for the move is only 2 hours 34 mins and 32 secs. The server is working properly now.


25th Oct 2011
Scheduled Maintenance of

Dear Resellers/Customers,

As informed earlier, the physical move of the server has been started. The maximum downtime is 3 hours. The maintenance of the server has been done for upgrading the internal network. Thanks for your co-operation in this regards


25th Oct 2011
SMTP Authenticated Mail Sending from Wordpress

Install the plugin WP Mail SMTP This plugin reconfigures the wp_mail() function to use SMTP instead of mail() and creates an options page that allows you to specify various options. You can set the following options: * Specify the from name and email address for outgoing email. * Choose to send mail by SMTP or PHP's mail() function. * Specify an ... Read More »

1st Aug 2010
Downtime for our Digital Certificate Product and Upgradation

Dear Customer/Reseller, This email contains important information regarding the upcoming Downtime for our Digital Certificate Product and the change in Certificate Signing Request (CSR) or Public Key Generation post the downtime. On account of the Maintenance Downtime announced by thawte, the Digital Certificate Product will undergo a ... Read More »

25th Jun 2010
PHP mail function - restricted to local email address only.

Mail sending from PHP mail function is now restricted to local email address only. you need to add "-f return_email_address" as 5th parameter in mail function to get php to set the correct return email address.  To send email to external email addresses, use SMTP authentication code in PHP mail function. Send Email from a PHP Script Using ... Read More »

3rd Feb 2010