How to install JAVA application in DocumentRoot directory?

There is no such functionality in Plesk at the moment to install java application in root directory.

As a workaround, for Windows this is possible to make JAVA application available by URL, using IIS rewrite rules.

Add the following directives to website's web.config file in \\httpdocs directory:

<rule name="java app rewrite rule" enabled="true">
<match url="^" />
<action type="Rewrite" url="" />

If you have an existing 
web.config file:

  • Ensure you have sections (i.e. opening and closing tags) for:
    • system.webServer (which contains rewrite)
    • rewrite (which contains rules)
    • rules (which contains one or more rule sections)
  • Insert any of those sections that do not exist.
  • Insert the entire rule section, including matchconditions, and action, inside the rules section.
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